Managing Stress with Integrative Bodywork

Dates/ Times: Tuesday 6/22/2021 at 7pm & Saturday 6/26 at 1pm CST.

Join us for a free one-hour interactive discussion – two separate dates to choose from!

Stress affects our bodies in a myriad of ways.  We are often familiar with the physical effects of stress, but have you ever explored the effects of stress on the energetic and the cranial sacral system along with your physical body? Join Jeanne Browning, an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse certified in Holistic Nursing and Healing Touch, to talk about tissues and bones, chakras and auras, and the subtle movement of the craniosacral system.  See how these systems are assessed, and how the changes stress causes in these systems can be worked with and cleared.  Have fun learning a Self-Chakra Connection you can use at home to relax, balance, and create harmony in your body. 
Space is limited – the event will be capped at 15 participants; Sign up on Meet-Up here for Tuesday 6/22 7pm or here for Saturday 6/26 1 pm CST or email Jeanne directly at

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