Delaney Spillman, MA, LSC

Delaney Spillman, MA, LSC

In-office visits: Knoxville
Telehealth: Tennessee

My Therapeutic Approach

  •   Life can be full of challenges and trials. As a therapist, I believe the primary objective of counseling should not be to avoid or ignore these moments, but to find light and purpose in the midst of darkness and uncertainty.
  • I use thought-provoking questions about family dynamics, past experiences, and current thoughts and emotions to better understand a concept known in therapy as the “here-and-now”, or how we are being actively shaped by others and ourselves. Through this process, it is my hope that clients will grow increasingly comfortable in dwelling in the unknown and ambiguous while forming deeper wisdom and awareness of who they were created to be.
  •   In sessions, I most enjoy using interventions grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy, experiential, and faith-based approaches. I also strive to use authenticity, humility, competency, and self-awareness to facilitate a safe space for my clients to explore presenting issues while discovering truth and experiencing grace instead of judgement or criticism.

Delaney has a master’s in counseling from Johnson University. She is licensed as a school counselor and is pursuing licensure in Clinical Mental Health with hopes of pursuing equine assisted therapy. She has experience working in a variety of settings from residential to school counseling. Delaney enjoys working with a range of individuals, especially targeting anxiety, depression, spiritual trauma, and family challenges.

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