Celeste Ballard, LPC MHSP TN, LCPC IL, LPC WI, CMT

Celeste Ballard, LPC MHSP TN, LCPC IL, LPC WI, CMT

In-office visits: Knoxville
Telehealth: Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin 

With 20 years of experience, Celeste practices as a body-centered psychotherapist and works with the philosophy that events effect our whole being – physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual. Because of this philosophy, she works to help one understand how their history impacts them on a variety of levels. Celeste combines traditional counseling psychology with Mindfulness Based psychotherapy for a more complete approach to change

​Celeste is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, has a BS in Human Services, and Master in Psychology with a Counseling Specialty. She has been in the field of counseling since 1994. In addition to being a Licensed Massage Therapist, Celeste has completed a two-year body-centered psychotherapy training called Hakomi. Included in Celeste’s areas of work are concerns with depression, anxiety, trauma, relationships, weight loss, career growth, spirituality, sexuality, chronic pain, and parenting. She works with the awareness of cultural, gender, and diversity issues.

​As a body-centered psychotherapist, Celeste teaches her clients to dialogue with the body, which allows clients to access unconscious material that automatically affects their current emotional and physical health. This essential avenue to emotion and spirit is often left behind during more traditional therapies. The holding of emotions can be seen physically in the forms of depression, anxiety, back pain, migraines, and many other chronic illnesses. As they understand cognitively what is happening, they are also able to shift the pattern or habit from the physiology of their body. This is particularly helpful with long term patterns, as the neural pathways have adapted to the negative cognitions that have been running for years. Physically having a new experience, allows the neural pathways to run a new course and there for allowing one to assimilate a new pattern more easily.

​An essential part of Celeste’s techniques involve mindfulness, which is the cultivation of moment-to-moment awareness. In the office, this allows for compassionately assisted self-discovery. Outside of the therapy session, clients can apply this method to a personal practice that includes learning how to meditate. Through mindfulness clients learn to take an active role in creating a life that they desire, which may include more abundance, joy, and fulfilling relationships. Mindfulness based psychotherapy guides clients on a path into the inner realms and leads to the discovering, reforming, and unlocking of who we are before all the defenses were created.

​Therapy may involve discussion of current events that feel problematic as well as talking about how ones history has impacted them. Exploring relationships and communication patterns is a vital part of growth for clients. The work will also involve bringing attention to tone of voice, movements, gestures, posture, energy, or facial expressions. Visualizations, movement, art, breath, may also be used to gather information. By identifying the root of the patterns, Celeste’s clients access inherent knowledge that can lead them on a more direct path to healing.

​Contact Celeste:

​Via email: info@withinholisticcounseling.com

Via phone: (865) 297-5077 ext. 100