Jamie Marshall, MS, LPC (A)

Jamie Marshall, MS, LPC (A)

In-office visits: Knoxville

Telehealth: Tennessee

My therapeutic approach:

  • Life is a natural ebb and flow. However, when we get stuck in the ebb we can begin to develop patterns of being that do not serve our physical and emotional wellbeing; this can be a difficult place to emerge from. The decision to seek guidance during these times is a bold act of self-compassion.
  • The quality of our relationships with ourselves and others shapes our lives. My aim as a counselor is to provide a safe, empathetic, and collaborative therapeutic relationship where clients can feel comfortable accessing emotional truths.
  • We have incredible internal resources and an inherent capacity for healing. My role is to help guide clients back to connection with their authentic selves and others through the process of curious exploration, loving-kindness, and present moment awareness.
  • With an increased awareness clients can live more in a rhythm that allows inner peace, meaning, and purpose in their lives.

Jamie has a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Carson Newman University and is licensed as mental health counselor in the state of Tennessee. She has experience working in various clinical settings and served clients with diverse needs. Jamie is also a level one Reiki Practitioner and draws upon this experience when working with clients.

Jamie believes in creating a safe and compassionate space for her clients to explore their experiences and implements modalities such as acceptance and commitment therapy, meditation, mindfulness, somatic work, EMDR and other trauma-informed approaches. Jamie aims to empower clients to realize their internal resources for healing and growth and come into alignment with their true self.

Contact Jamie:

Via email:  jamie@withinholisticcounseling.com

Via Phone:(865) 327-6602