A Path to Healing Your Pain: A Psychological and Meditation Based Perspective

We all carry pain from our life. Learning to acknowledge the feelings from this pain can be a challenge. We often seek out ways to avoid the pain through our behaviors and life choices, not realizing we carry them with us wherever we go. This pattern shapes our life and causes barriers to peace and our continued growth.

Please join us in learning ways to work through those wounds in a loving way using mindfulness and meditation. Learn the tools you can use to help yourself on the path to healing, freeing yourself to be the full person you were meant to be. This will be a small group which will offer the opportunity to connect with others who are working to become more conscious and live healthier lives.

Many of us feel a loss of control over our lives, being led by past hurts and regrets rather than living the life we always thought we would. It is truly possible to find help and hope for our lives. We often look for these outside of ourselves but never seem to find lasting comfort there. Taking the opportunity to work with a professional who can give you the tools to find happiness and enjoy life is a gift each of us deserve to give ourselves.

‚ÄčKatherine Stevens of Within Holistic Counseling works closely with clients of all ages, helping them to gain a deeper understanding of how life events have affected them. Katherine genuinely acknowledges clients’ feelings in a compassionate and accepting setting. By using a holistic approach, she examines the body, mind, spirit, and emotions for optimal healing. She guides her clients to self-acceptance and serenity by blending successful psychological techniques and the practice of mindfulness, empowering them with practical tools inspiring them to be the leaders of their own lives.

When: Saturday, April 14, 2018 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Where: Within Holistic Counseling, 226 W Judd St 2nd Fl, Woodstock IL 60098

Cost: $20

Space is limited, so you must sign up on meetup here

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