Online Counseling

Online Counseling

What is online counseling?

Online or Telehealth counseling is when a therapist or counselor provides counseling and support over the internet through video conferencing or a phone call.​

How does it work?

We can conference with anyone anywhere in Illinois and now in Wisconsin. Like any in-person session, you and your therapist will schedule an appointment in advance. At the time of your session, you will follow an email link that will connect you and your therapist over a secure video platform. You can use your phone or a laptop and will need access to internet connection. You and your therapist will discuss an ideal time for a scheduling your virtual session, and the ideal location for you to be in while connected. Many clients have their sessions when others are home and use headphones and noise machines to increase privacy. Alternative options would be to connect while on a walk, in your car, or while others in your household are scheduled to be out of the house. Your therapist can assist you in creating an individualized plan to ensure your privacy and comfort.

Within Holistic Counseling specializes in traditional counseling, but incorporates meditation and alternative therapies, such as art therapy. Will I still be able to engage in these methods with a telehealth counseling session?

YES! We value the impact of these methods of inquiry and healing and are trained in guiding clients virtually through meditation or art making for those that are interested. Adaptations to these processes can be made as needed. For example, while meditating you may choose to rest your gaze down vs. closing your eyes completely, or perhaps you might position your body further from your screen. For art therapy sessions, you can make art during your session, or create a plan for art making in between your sessions. Your art therapist will help you take an inventory of the materials you have access to at home. Examples of materials used in online art therapy range from traditional art materials, such as watercolors and markers, to nontraditional materials such as makeup and tinfoil. Engaging in meditation and art therapy virtually will be sure to expand your creativity.

Is it effective?

​While it may be a new phrase and sound futuristic, telehealth counseling has been around since the 1990’s and is considered a highly effective mode of therapy. Clinicians at Within have been using this method for years with positive feedback from clients.

Will it be covered by insurance?

Many insurance companies are expanding teletherapy benefits at this time, which means your insurance may likely cover telehealth counseling. To find out if your specific plan will cover this service, you can call the number on the back of your insurance plan to find out or we are happy to help you verify your plan. A Within team member can be reached at 815-308-8859.