Tanysha Truax, M.Ed., LPC

Telehealth: Tennessee, Illinois

My therapeutic approach:

  • Entering therapy is brave. My goal as counselor is to create a relationship centered on compassion, openness, and trust, qualities necessary to facilitate healing and growth.
  • All our experiences, from childhood to present day shape us. They impact our relationship with ourselves, others and how we show up in the world. My role as a counselor is to provide a safe space to allow you to access the emotional and mental blocks that may be limiting fulfillment and joy in your life .
  • Our bodies hold so much internal wisdom, oftentimes we just need some guidance slowing down and learning to connect and listen to their messages.
  • People typically arrive at therapy because they are struggling in some way. However, beyond the struggle and obstacles, you have always had the answers within you. My aim as a counselor is to guide you, so you can access your own truths, answers and authenticity.

Tanysha has a Masters Degree in Human Development Counseling with a specialization in Clinical Mental Counseling from Vanderbilt University and is on track to receive licensure in the state of Tennessee. She has experience working in mixed mental health settings from outpatient to community environments and has worked with clients of varied ages and diverse needs. Tanysha has a passion for service and brings this spirit of generosity to her work as a counselor.

Tanysha strives to provide a safe space for clients to process through concerns, by helping them connect to both body and mind.  She believes in meeting clients where they’re at and utilizes CBT, DBT, mindfulness, family systems and trauma-informed modalities to help clients explore and process their experiences. Tanysha aims to guide clients to a space of peace and acceptance, while simultaneously helping them reach their own personalized goals.

Contact Tanysha:

Via email: tanysha@withinholisticcounseling.com

Via Phone: 865-297-5077 ext. 110