Bojana Staley, LMSW

In-office visits: Knoxville
Telehealth: Tennessee

My therapeutic approach:

  • My mission as counselor is to help bring you back to your center; the place where you feel confident, empowered, and resilient.  With my clients, I use a warm, compassionate, and empathetic approach.
  • I believe we all have the capacity to integrate our emotional, cognitive, behavioral, social, and religious/spiritual aspects into perfect unity – sometimes we just need a bit of help and guidance getting there.
  • My goal is to assist you in accessing your inner power and to help you find the answers lying within. During therapy I am here to listen, validate, and help transform using a compassionate and non-judgmental approach.
  • I believe therapy is a collaborative effort, and in this partnership, we will achieve your highest potential where your mind and your heart are in perfect balance.

Bojana holds a BA in English from SUNY Empire State College and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University. Before becoming a social worker, she worked as an ESL teacher with students from all over the world. Bojana’s social work clients have been individuals of all ages and from diverse backgrounds, as well as families. Utilizing evidence-based practices such as cognitive-, behavioral-, and mindfulness-based therapies, she has helped her clients deal with anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, anger, emotional regulation, and communication issues. Bojana is also trained in Quantum Sphere Healing, a modality that focuses on grounding, and energetic clearing and re-patterning.

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Via Phone: 865-297-5077 ext.116